Born in Valle d’Aosta, Mircko has roots that sink in different parts of Europe: its grandparents came from Veneto, Sicily and East Germany. In 2001 he moved to the city that will have become the capital that never sleeps, Moscow. Here, where he has been living since 2001, he is Executive Chef of several restaurants: Officina, Bro&N, Aist, e La Fabbrica.

“My recipes are always inspired by a typical Italian ingredient or a regional recipe. To this Italian basis, I add my contribution, my personal vision or interpretation.”

Cooking and culture, what do you think? “An Italian who cooks abroad is always a cultural ambassador. Although I don’t work in a typical Italian restaurant, I pass on notions to my collaborators and customers. I have the opportunity to teach the history behind a recipe, the cultural habits of a region … in general the Itaian know-how”.

Marco Negro