To the visitor the way to take the coffee of the Italians appears a bit hasty, since it is not customary to sit at the table. Coffee is ordered at the counter, prepared in few seconds and drunk while standing, at the bar, just like in the fifties.

Each bar has its own history of regulars; the inhabitants of the village, of that township or those who during the day are in that area for work. Yes, because in Italy coffee is not taken at the desk, but people come out, towards the nearest bar. This is the real regenerating break: go out and get a breath of air, see other people…maybe two gossip and…even a cup of coffee!

Behind that fast gesture, there is the synthesis of being Italian. Yes, because “prendiamo un caffè?” has many meanings, including:

  • I need a coffee at the beginning of the day, before focusing on work;
  • I’m tired, and so are you; we need a break;
  • Lunch was heavy, I’m falling asleep!
  • I would like to talk to you in private, away from the ears of colleagues;
  • I want to see if I find that friend…maybe he also passes by that bar;
  • It can also be an approach to getting to know a girl.

Marco Negro