Your Mediterranean

An eno-gastronomic journey on the west side of Sardinia and Corsica

Every day, typical specialties of the gastronomy and a swim in the most beautiful beaches

In the evening, sunset in the sea with a glass of Vermentino in hand


We will taste the cuisine of authentic trattorias, the one of housewifes and the one of great restaurants… Sardinia and Corsica: fresh fish, seafood, lobster, rabbit and roast suckling pig!


Hands on master classes; you will return home knowing how to cook malloreddus, fish ravioli and almond amaretto bisquits.


We will swim in the beautiful waters of Calasetta, Cala Domestica, Stintino, and Capo Testa … we will enjoy a fishing day on a small fishing boat and eat on board what we have caught.


Not only Vermentino… discovering the Cagnulari red wine, the precious “orange” wines of Bosa, the wines from ancient vines in Calasetta and rare wines from Corsica


Nuraghi of Is Paras (3,500 years old), the town of Alghero of Spanish origin (Catalan) and the tiny island of Carloforte, where is spoken a unique language in the world : the tabarkino


Visit the capital of the south, Porto Vecchio, the enchanting village of Bonifacio and taste rare wines and cheeses of the island

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